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Texas Instruments BA II Plus from 1991.

The Texas Instruments Business Analyst series is a product line of financial calculators introduced in 1976. BA calculators provide time value of money functions and are widely used in accounting and other financial applications. Though originally designed specifically for financial use, current models also include basic scientific calculator and statistics functions. The BA series competes directly with other mid- to high-end financial calculators, particularly the HP-12C and other models from TI competitor Hewlett-Packard.

Notably the BA-II PLUS is increasingly the calculator of choice for business school programs, due to its lower cost and ease of use. While financiers over the age of 45 still choose the HP-12C, the BA-II continues to gain ground in sales.

The BA II Plus is one of a handful of calculators permitted to be used in the CFA and FRM financial exams.

BA-35 Financial Calculator[edit]

The BA-35 was targeted at students studying finance and was available from 1985 to the late 2000s; though it contained a full set of TVM functions, it lacked the advanced scientific calculator functions of later models of the BA-II. It was the most affordable calculator for time-value-of-money calculations.


  • Preprogrammed financial and accounting functions, including time-value-of-money and compound interest calculations.
  • Capability for recalling time-value-of-money values as well as annuity due operations.
  • Amortization balance and payment-to-interest calculations.
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) to Effective Rate (EFF) interest conversions.
  • One-variable statistics with frequencies. Calculates mean, sample standard deviation, and population standard deviation.
  • Cost-sell-margin and mark-up calculations.
  • Easy to use payment and other time-value-of-money calculations make this a perfect calculator for real estate agents and management consultants.
  • Solar-cell powered.

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