The Call of Youth

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The Call of Youth
A contemporary newspaper advertisement.
Directed by Hugh Ford
Written by Henry Arthur Jones (play "James the Fogey")
Eve Unsell
Starring Mary Glynne
Cinematography Hal Young
Distributed by Famous Players-Lasky British Producers
Release dates
  • March 13, 1921 (1921-03-13)
Running time
39 minutes
Country United States
Language Silent

The Call of Youth is a 1921 American short romance film directed by Hugh Ford. Alfred Hitchcock is credited as a title designer.[1] The film is now lost.


  • Mary Glynne - Betty Overton
  • Marjorie Hume - Joan Lawton
  • Jack Hobbs - Hubert Richmond
  • Malcolm Cherry - James Agar
  • Ben Webster - Mark Lawton
  • Gertrude Sterroll - Mrs. Lawton
  • Victor Humphrey - Peter Hoskins
  • John Peachey - Dr. Michaelson
  • Ralph Foster - Minister

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