The Day's Work

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First edition
(US, publ. Doubleday & McClure)

The Day's Work is a collection of short stories by Rudyard Kipling. It was first published in 1898. There are no poems included between the different stories in The Day's Work, as there are in many other of Kipling's collections.

The stories in it are:

    • "The Bridge-Builders"
    • "A Walking Delegate"
    • "The Ship that Found Herself"
    • "The Tomb of His Ancestors"
    • "The Devil and the Deep Sea
    • "William the Conqueror - part I"
    • "William the Conqueror - part II"
    • ".007"
    • "The Maltese Cat"
    • "'Bread upon the Waters'"
    • "An Error in the Fourth Dimension"
    • "My Sunday at Home"
    • "The Brushwood Boy"

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