The Degenhardts

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The Degenhardts
Directed by Werner Klingler
Produced by Heinrich George
Written by Hans Gustl Kernmayr
Wilhelm Krug
Georg Zoch
Starring Heinrich George
Ernst Schröder
Gunnar Möller
Renée Stobrawa
Music by Herbert Windt
Cinematography Georg Bruckbauer
Edited by Ella Ensink
Distributed by Deutsche Filmvertriebs
Release dates
6 July 1944
Running time
93 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

The Degenhardts (German: Die Degenhardts) is a 1944 German drama film directed by Werner Klingler and starring Heinrich George, Ernst Schröder and Gunnar Möller. Karl Degenhardt, the patriarch of a family in Lubeck, leads his wife and five children through the opening stages of Second World War culminating in the Bombing of Lübeck on 28 March 1942 by the Royal Air Force.

The film was part of a cycle of home front films produced in Germany during the war. The film was intended to fan anti-British sentiment and prepare Germans psychologically for the destruction of their cities by Allied bombing raids and invasions.[1] It premiered in Lubeck on 6 July 1944.



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