Exchange (album)

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EP by Against All Authority/The Criminals
Released November 9, 1999
Genre Punk rock, ska
Label Sub City
Against All Authority/The Criminals chronology
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Exchange is a split album by the ska punk band Against All Authority and the punk rock band, The Criminals. It was first released in 1999 on Sub City Records.

Track listing[edit]

Against All Authority

  1. "The Bottle's Lookin' Better"
  2. "WWYD?"
  3. "I Want to Stab You With Something Rusty" (The Criminals Cover)
  4. "Wet Foot Policy"

The Criminals

  1. "All Fall Down" (AAA cover)
  2. "Five Years On"
  3. "Down and Out"
  4. 'Joey Kittness