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The Flea FM
Broadcast area Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand
Slogan North Shore Community Radio
First air date May 1999
Owner North Harbour Community Radio Trust

The Flea 88.2 or The Flea FM is a community radio station in Auckland, New Zealand.[1] It broadcasts with a legally restricted 500 milliwatts from Mount Victoria, Devonport. The station is widely heard because of superior aerial location. The Flea also streams live via The Flea website.

The station's studio is located in the Devonport Ferry Building in Devonport, New Zealand.

The station was created by Mike Baker, in May 1999. It was originally developed to serve Devonport and the neighbouring suburbs. In recent times a second transmitter was added in the Takapuna area and the station now covers the Takapuna and Milford suburbs as well.

The station founder, Mike Baker, died on 4 April 2009, aged 71 years.[2]


  • John Grant
  • Chris Dugan
  • Kylie
  • Sally
  • Pat Matthews
  • Trevor Williams
  • Jonathan Milne
  • Guy Boughton
  • Gabbie
  • Hadleigh
  • Chuck Berry
  • Jessica Rowe
  • Aaron Gardiner
  • Tim McNaughton

Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour[edit]

Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour was a weekly hour long segment that took place in the last hour of Liam McEwan's 3 hour show. It started after a computer problem in the studio and all that Liam had to play on air was his brother, Aidan's Adam Lambert CDs, so Liam put on an impromptu 3 hour Adam Lambert special. It went viral on the internet within minutes and ended up with so many international listeners that the online streaming servers could not handle those wanting to listen. This led Liam to plan an hour long weekly Adam Lambert show every Sunday morning from 11-12 (New Zealand Time). The show ended on the 20th of October 2013, along with McEwan's departure to iHeartRadio and ZM.

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