The Vegas Strip War

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The Vegas Strip Wars
Vegas Casino War Poster.jpg
Directed by George Englund
Produced by Michael Greenburg
Written by George Englund
Starring Rock Hudson
Sharon Stone
James Earl Jones
Pat Morita
Madison Mason
Robert Costanzo
Dennis Holshan
Music by Jimmie Haskell
Cinematography Fred J. Koenekamp
Edited by Gary Griffin
William J. Waters
Release dates November 25, 1984
Running time 96 minutes

The Vegas Strip Wars (also called The Las Vegas Strip Wars) is a 1984 television movie directed by George Englund and starred Rock Hudson (his final television movie), Sharon Stone, James Earl Jones and Pat Morita.

The plot involves a charming Las Vegas hotel owner named Neil Chaine (Hudson) who gets fired by his superiors from the hotel-casino where he operates. Determined to seek revenge on his former employers in a subtle way, Chaine uses his severance pay to purchase a decaying casino next door to his former hotel to turn it into the Strip's top attraction. Help for Chaine comes from an asortment of people who include Sarah Shipman (Stone) a young casino hostess who tries to help him gain a gambling license, as well as Jack Madrid (Jones) a flamboyant sports promotor who is asked to hold a boxing match at Chaine's hotel, while Madrid may or may not be on Chaine's side... depending on where the money should be.

Towards the end when Chaine's new hotel looks like it will be closed down because of various debts having rung up during his opening of the place, he decides to settle his debts by playing high-stakes roulette and craps at his former partners hotel to get the money the honest way and not through various and less-than-legal means.

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