The Walk (The Time song)

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"The Walk"
U.S. 12" single cover
Single by The Time featuring Vanity 6
from the album What Time Is It?
B-side "OnedayI'mgonnabesomebody" (U.S. 7" single)
"777-9311" (Japan 7" single)
"I Don't Wanna Leave You" (12" single)
Released 1982
Format 7" single
12" single
Recorded Sunset Sound, January 1982
Genre Funk, rock
Length 7" edit: 3:24
Album/12": 9:31
Label Warner Bros.
Writer(s) The Time (Prince)
Producer(s) Morris Day, Prince (as The Starr ★ Company)
The Time singles chronology
"The Walk"
"Gigolos Get Lonely Too"

"The Walk" opens side two of The Time's second album, What Time Is It?. Recorded for the album at Sunset Sound in January 1982, the song was produced, arranged, composed and performed by Prince with Morris Day later adding his lead vocals and Vanity 6 providing some backing vocals.

The funk song opens with a brief drum fill and has several throughout the song, along with drum machines. The beat is somewhat of a march, which is emphasized by Day during the song's break by mimicking an army chant. The "walking" bass of the song is perhaps inspired by the song's title. The keyboards take an important roll, as well as plenty of rock guitar. Despite the song being performed nearly entirely by Prince, several band members are called out throughout the song (Jellybean Johnson and Terry Lewis) giving the song a live feel. The ending of the song is a humorous conversation between Morris Day and one of the Vanity 6 members. Prince himself also makes an appearance as an Italian club owner.

The U.S. 7" single was backed with the album's brief "OnedayI'mgonnabesomebody", while the Japanese 7" had "777-9311" as the B-side. The 12" single had "'I Don't Wanna Leave You" and an edit of "The Walk" as B-sides.

"The Walk" reached #24 on the R&B charts and became one of The Time's signature numbers. The song is played at nearly all of their concerts.[citation needed]

"The Walk" was mentioned on the Ice Cream Castle track, "Chili Sauce", and was sampled on the Corporate World track "Murph Drag" and the Pandemonium track "The Latest Fashion".

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