Thee Mighty Caesars

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Thee Mighty Caesars were a primitive garage rock group, formed by Billy Childish in 1985 after the demise of The Milkshakes.[1][2] They influenced many American bands, especially The Mummies, and other Sub Pop groups. They were arguably the group that brought about the resurgence of garage rock.

thee LP's[edit]

  • Thee Mighty Caesars (1985)
  • Beware the Ides of the March (1985)
  • Thee Caesars of Trashe (1986)
  • Acropolis Now (1986)
  • Live In Rome (1987)
  • Wiseblood (1987)
  • Punk Rock Showcase (1987) comp
  • Don’t Give Any Dinner to Henry Chinaski (1987)
  • Thusly, thee Mighty Caesars (English Punk Rock Explosion) (1989) U.S.Comp
  • John Lennon’s Corpse Revisited (1989)
  • Surely They Were the Sons of God (1989) U.S.Comp
  • Caesars Remains (1992) Comp
  • Caesars Pleaseure (cd comp)