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Tod Davies (born 1955, San Francisco) where she attended Convent of the Sacred Heart High School (California) located on Broadway St. and is a writer, publisher and producer. Davies is the wife of cult director Alex Cox.

Davies's screenplay credits include Three Businessmen, in which she also appears briefly as an actress; and as a co-writer for the screenplay of the adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Although Cox did not direct the project, the Writers Guild of America twice determined that Davies' and her script be credited. Davies is also the uncredited screenwriter of Catchfire and The Hot Spot.

She is the producer of Three Businessmen and Revengers Tragedy, the founder of Toxteth TV, an educational/media studio for young people, based in Liverpool, and the editor/publisher of the online magazine, Exterminating Angel Press. In 2005, she was Artist in Residence at St John's College, Oxford, and is a member of the Senior Common Room there. In 2009, Exterminating Angel Press became an independent press and published three books including The Supergirls by Mike Madrid, and Jam Today, a cooking memoir & the first book by Davies.[1]

Davies published her first book of fiction, Snotty Saves the Day: The History of Arcadia in April (2011).[2] The second book of her History of Arcadia series, Lily the Silent, was released in October (2012), both through Exterminating Angel Press.

Exterminating Angel Press (EAP)[edit]

Tod Davies describes her vision for Exterminating Angel Press as alternative. Despite the varying genres and subject matter, the books published by Exterminating Angel Press are connected by a common theme: they all question a dominant cultural story.[1] They also include stories that bring out values of partnership, nurturing and finding a consensus rather than having one dominant point of view.[1][3]

Books Published by EAP & Davies[edit]


  • The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heroines by Mike Madrid (September). It received recognition by NPR as one of the best books of 2009.[4]
  • Jam Today: A Diary of Cooking With What You’ve Got by Tod Davies (September).
  • Correcting Jesus: 2000 Years of Changing the Story by Brian Griffith (November).


  • Dirk Quigby’s Guide to the Afterlife: All You Need to Choose the Right Heaven by E.E. King (October).
  • 3 Dead Princes by Danbert Nobacon and illustrated by Alex Cox (October).


  • Snotty Saves the Day: The History of Arcadia by Tod Davies (April).
  • This is US: The New-All American Family by David Marin (September). It is now out of print.


  • A Galaxy of Immortal Women by Brian Griffith (May).
  • Park Songs : A Poem/Play by David Budbill (September).
  • Lily the Silent: The History of Arcadia by Tod Davies and illustrated by Mike Madrid (October).

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