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Travel Sentry
Founded 2003
Headquarters Durham, New Hampshire, USA

Travel Sentry is the organization that establishes and manages standards used in travel security. It neither makes nor sells products. It created the TSA Lock concept used by the Transportation Security Administration, a part of the US Department of Homeland Security.


Travel Sentry was founded in 2003. The first locks manufactured to the Travel Sentry Approved standards went on sale on 12 November 2003, distributed by Brookstone,

Initially, only key and combination padlocks were manufactured using this standard. In 2004, Samsonite developed the first luggage with integrated TSA locks.

As of 2014 there are 300 million TSA locks and luggage in circulation.

TSA Lock[edit]

Travel Sentry Approved mark

Travel Sentry developed the TSA Lock system, that is "accepted and recognized" by the TSA and allows security agencies, using special tools and codes, to open and re-lock locks. The tools provided by Travel Sentry are at every luggage screening checkpoint at all 450 airports controlled by the TSA.[1]

The system is also used at all Canadian Airports controlled by CATSA - the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority.[2]

Security agencies in Japan at Tokyo's Narita and Haneda Airports also use the system.

The system is also currently in use by Customs agencies in the United Kingdom by HMRC, The Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration, Germany Zoll and New Zealand Customs Service.

The system is licensed by over 500 companies worldwide; mostly luggage brands, lock manufacturers and distributors of travel goods.


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