Troy Aikman NFL Football

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Troy Aikman NFL Football
Troy Aikman NFL Football
Cover art
Developer(s) Leland Interactive Media[1]
Publisher(s) Tradewest[1][2]
Designer(s) Michael Hunley
David Schwartz
Gary Luecker
Kevin Lydy
Michael Abbot
John Stookey
Composer(s) Robert Atesalp[3]
Platform(s) Super NES
Sega Genesis
Atari Jaguar
Release date(s) Super NES: Genesis: Atari Jaguar:
Genre(s) Traditional American football simulation[1][3]
Mode(s) Single-player[5]
Multiplayer[5] (up to 2 players)
Distribution 12-megabit cartridge

Troy Aikman NFL Football is a multiplatform American football video game that was released for the Atari Jaguar, Super NES and the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.

Troy Aikman is the first member of the 1993 Dallas Cowboys to have his namesake in a game, followed by Emmitt Smith in Emmitt Smith Football.


Players can play exhibition matches, season matches, playoff matches, make their own plays for use on the field, and even make payments to the salaries of every player.[3] Each season schedule can either be customized (to the player's exact specifications) or the player can use the schedule from the 1993 NFL season. There is limited speech from the referee and announcer.

Players can either play or coach an exhibition game or an entire regular season (including the Super Bowl). Games can be saved, which prevents the frustration of having to play 16-19 games in a single sitting.[6]


Reviewing the Super NES version, GamePro commented that "What the Genesis did for Joe Montana, the SNES does for Troy Aikman." They noted the large number of options and special features, the inclusion of all the real-world NFL teams, the money management features, and the ability to create your own plays as the game's strong points, though they criticized the graphics and audio as mediocre.[7]


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