Trumer Pils

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Trumer Pils
Trumer Bierweiber.jpg
Type Beer
Country of origin Austria
Introduced 1601
Alcohol by volume 4.9%[1]
IBU scale 26
Website Trumer International

Trumer Pils is a German style pilsner from Austria, originally sold almost exclusively in the Austrian federal state of Salzburg, now with a brewery in Berkeley, California for the U.S. market. Trumer is characterized by hoppy bitterness, high carbonation, and a light body; it is brewed according to the German Reinheitsgebot of 1516.


Trumer Brauerei has been brewing its beers for 400 years in Austria. (Pilsner beer was first brewed in 1842 in[2] the city of Pilsen, located[3] in what was western Bohemia, but is today known as Plzen, Czech Republic. Pilsen is the German name for this city.) After opening a brewery in Berkeley, Trumer Pils became widely available in the San Francisco Bay Area in addition to its native Austria. Trumer Pils is the result of a partnership of two family-owned companies: Privatbrauerei Josef Sigl and The Gambrinus Company owned by Carlos Alvarez.

All ingredients used in the Berkeley are "traditional" (they are shipped from Austria) with the exception of the water which is from the high Sierras. Hops used in the recipe include Czech Saaz, German Hallertau Perle, and Spalt Select. Trumer is further aged six weeks prior to bottling.[1] [4]


A bottle of Trumer Pils

Since 2004 Trumer Pils Berkeley has expanded its distribution to Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Denver, San Diego and Los Angeles metropolitan areas.[5]


  • Gold medal at the World Beer Cup for Best German-style pilsner, 2008.[6]
  • Gold medal at the World Beer Cup for Best German-style pilsner, 2006.

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