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The Type Allocation Code (TAC) is the initial eight-digit portion of the 15-digit IMEI and 16-digit IMEISV codes used to uniquely identify wireless devices.

The Type Allocation Code identifies a particular model (and often revision) of wireless telephone for use on a GSM, UMTS or other IMEI-employing wireless network.

The first two digits of the TAC are the Reporting Body Identifier. This indicates the GSMA-approved group that allocated the TAC.

Prior to April 1, 2004, the global standard for the IMEI started with a six-digit Type Approval Code followed by a two-digit Final Assembly Code (FAC). The Type Approval Code (also known as TAC) indicated that the particular device was approved by a national GSM approval body and the FAC identified the company that had built and assembled the device (which is not always the same as the brand name stamped on the device).

Effective on that date, many GSM member nations and entities (mainly Europe) moved away from requiring that devices be approved by national bodies, and towards a system where device manufacturers self-regulate the device market. As a result, a manufacturer now simply requests an eight-digit Type Allocation Code for a new phone model from the international GSM standards body, instead of submitting a device for approval to a national review body.

Both the old and new TAC uniquely identify a model of phone, although some models may have more than one code, depending on revision, manufacturing location, and other factors.

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TAC examples[edit]

TAC Manufacturer Model Internal Model Number
01124500 Apple iPhone
01130000 Apple iPhone MA712LL
01136400 Apple iPhone
01154600 Apple iPhone MB384LL
01161200 Apple iPhone 3G
01193400 Apple iPhone 3G
01180800 Apple iPhone 3G MB704LL
01181200 Apple iPhone 3G MB496B
01174400 Apple iPhone 3G MB496RS
01194800 Apple iPhone 3GS
01215800 Apple iPhone 3GS
01216100 Apple iPhone 3GS
01226800 Apple iPhone 3GS
01215900 Apple iPhone 3GS MC131B
01241700 Apple iPhone 4
01233800 Apple iPhone 4 MC610LL
01253600 Apple iPhone 4 MC610LL/A
01233700 Apple iPhone 4 MC603B
01233600 Apple iPhone 4 MC608LL
01243000 Apple iPhone 4 model MC603KS
01254200 Apple iPhone 4
01326300 Apple iPhone 4 MD198HN/A
01300600 Apple iPhone 4S model MD260C
01332700 Apple iPhone 5 model MD642C
01388300 Apple iPhone 5S model ME297C/A
35876105 Apple iPhone 5S model A1457
35869205 Apple iPhone 5S model MF353TA/A
GlobeTrotter HSDPA Modem
35896704 HTC Desire S
35902803 HTC Wildfire
35918804 HTC One X
35929005 Motorola Moto G XT1039
35714904 Huawei e398u-15 lte stick
35191405 Motorola Defy Mini
35351200 Motorola V300
35569500 Nokia 1100
350151.. Nokia 3330
Nokia 3410 (NHM-2NX)
Nokia 6310i (NPL-1)
35151304 Nokia E72-1 (RM-530)
35274901 Nokia 6233
35291402 Nokia 6210 Navigator
Nokia 6230
35421803 Nokia 5310 (RM-303)
35433004 Nokia C5-00 (RM-645)
35524803 Nokia 2330c-2 (RM-512)
35685702 Nokia 6300
35828103 Nokia 6303C
35693803 Nokia N900
35694603 Nokia 2700
35699601 Nokia N95
35700804 Nokia C1
35739804 Nokia N8
35788104 Nokia N950
35836800 Nokia 6230i
35837800 Nokia N6030 (RM-74)
35935003 Nokia 2720a-2 (RM-519)
35920605 Nokia Lumia 625
35850000 Nokia Lumia 720
449337.. Nokia 6210
35316605 Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300
35357800 Samsung SGH-A800
35679404 Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570
35733104 Samsung Galaxy Gio
35853704 Samsung Galaxy SII
35226005 Samsung Galaxy SIII
35979504 Samsung Galaxy Note
35909205 Samsung Galaxy Note III SM-N9000, SM-N9005, SM-N900
35171005 Sony Ericsson Xperia S
35238402 Sony Ericsson K770i
35511405 Sony Ericsson Xperia U
35851004 Sony Ericsson Xperia Active
35405600 Wavecom M1306B
35837501 XDA Orbit 2
35316004 ZTE Blade
35972100 Lobster 544
35933005 OROD 6468
35174605 Google Galaxy Nexus (Samsung GT-i9250, Samsung GT-I9250TSGGEN)
35391805 Google Nexus 4 (LG E960)
35824005 Google Nexus 5 LG D820/D821
86107402 Quectel Queclink GV200
86217001 Quectel Queclink GV200
86813001 Jiayu G3S (JY-G3)
N/A typical fake TAC codes, used in hacked IMEIs

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