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UltraVNC Icon green.png
UltraVNC Viewer.png
Screenshot of UltraVNC Viewer connection dialog.
Developer(s) Rudi De Vos, UltraSam, Martin Scharpf, Oliver Schneider
Initial release 24 June 2005 (2005-06-24)
Stable release[1] / 10 December 2014; 3 months ago (2014-12-10)
Development status Active
Written in C, C++ and Java
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Size 3.2 MB
Available in Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, English
Type Remote administration
License GPLv2+
Website www.uvnc.com

UltraVNC (sometimes written uVNC) is an open source application for the Microsoft Windows operating system that uses the VNC protocol to control another computer remotely over a network connection.


UltraVNC allows the use of a remote computer as if the user were in front of it. This is achieved by sending mouse movements and key-presses to the remote computer, and replicating the remote computer's display (subject to differences in resolution) locally in real time. UltraVNC bears a strong resemblance to RealVNC Free Edition. However, in addition to remote control it adds various features, such as an encryption plugin to secure the client/server connection. It also supports file transfers, chat functionality and various authentication methods. The two computers must be able to communicate across a network, such as a local subnet, internal network, or the Internet. The software is free and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


UltraVNC is developed in the C, C++, and Java programming languages.

The release added support for working as a Windows service under User Account Control (UAC).

Reverse control[edit]

UltraVNC is notable as the base for free no-install remote help desk options including UltraVNC Single Click ("SC") and PCHelpWare. These operate by generating pre-configured executables that can be downloaded and run on systems needing support; these applications then connect back to server software running on the system providing support.

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