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Studio album by Caetano Veloso
Released 1983
Genre MPB
Caetano Veloso chronology
Cores, Nomes

Uns is an album by Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso, released in 1983.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Uns"
  2. "Musical"
  3. "Eclipse oculto"
  4. "Peter Gast"
  5. "Quero ir a Cuba"
  6. "Coisa mais linda"
  7. "Você é linda"
  8. "Bobagens, meu filho, bobagens"
  9. "A outra banda da terra"
  10. "Salva-vida"
  11. "É hoje"


  • Produced by Caetano Veloso
  • Coordination and assistance in production: Marcia Alvarez
  • Recording engineer: Jairo Gualberto
  • Auxiliary Studio: Manuel and Marcio
  • Mixing and Editing: Jairo Gualberto João Augusto e Caetano Veloso
  • Court: Ivan Lisnik
  • Regimentation and copies: Clovis Mello
  • Creation, typography and layout: Oscar Ramos
  • Artwork: Jorge Vianna
  • Cover photo (Caetano, Roberto and Rodrigo Veloso): Carlos Alexandre Moreira Salles
  • Back Cover Photo: Arlete Kotchounian
  • Color photography: Peter Farkas
  • Graphic production: Edson Araujo
  • Special thanks to John Augustus
  • Strength: Felipe, Leilinha & Dadi, Maurice & Malu, George Solomon, Antonio Grieco, Marina, Cris & Claudinha, Djavan, Claudio Moreno, Patricia, and Flora Gil Moreno and Dede
  • Recorded and mixed in 24 channels in the studios Barra-RJ
  • Universal Music A production directed by Caetano Veloso
  • Data sheet for each project All Caetano / 2002

Universal Music Production

  • Design and reprint directed by Charles Gavin
  • Supervised by Caetano Veloso

Some were originally recorded on 24 channels and released at Long Play (LP) in 1983

  • Remixed by Antoine Midani at AR Studios, Rio de Janeiro, June 2002
  • Studio assistants: Theo Mares, Leo Moreira and Fernando Fishgold
  • Mastered by Mauro Bianchi and William Calicchio, under the supervision of Ricardo Garcia at Magic *Master Rio de Janeiro, October 2002
  • Edited by Mauro Bianchi, William Calicchio Sergio châtaigne and Nelson Nuccini
  • Art Direction: Max Pierre
  • Strategic marketing direction: José Celso Guida
  • Artistic Management: Ricardo Moreira
  • Archive tapes: William Tardelli
  • Restoration, adaptation and rediagramação the covers and inserts the original LPs: Post Image Design
  • Review: Dani Dias
  • Graphics Coordination: Ge Alves Pinto and Geysa Adnet
  • Thanks: Fatima Guimarães, William Tardelli and Marcelo Castelo Branco[1]


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