Upvan Lake

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Upvan Lake
Upvan Lake - Night View.JPG
Location Thane, Maharashtra
Coordinates 19°13′17.61″N 72°57′21.65″E / 19.2215583°N 72.9560139°E / 19.2215583; 72.9560139Coordinates: 19°13′17.61″N 72°57′21.65″E / 19.2215583°N 72.9560139°E / 19.2215583; 72.9560139
Basin countries India
Surface area 500 km2 (190 sq mi)

Upvan (or Upavan) is a lake located in Thane in the Indian state of Maharashtra.Founded and reconstructed by J.K. Singhania for water supply till raymond factory.He also constructed beautiful lord ganesha's temple at Upvan lake. The lake is surrounded by roads. The lake is located near Gawand Baug,Shivai Nagar, Vasant Vihar and Vartak nagar. This is one of the recreational areas for people who live in Thane. It is one of the biggest lakes in Thane, surrounded by Yeoor Hills, and lies in the Pokhran-II area.One of the eco friendly lake of city. Upvan Lake is regarded as Thane's ‘lover's paradise’. Upvan lake forms a junction of the Pokhran I and Pokhran II roads. Once, the major source of water providing for the entire Thane city, Upvan lake today has become a primary recreational place. Right from illegal amateur bike racings to couple spots, Upvan is characteristic with the Yeoor hills. The hills provide a serene landscape to the lake. However, the rise in the number of high rise buildings have slowly reduced this. The official residence of the Mayor of Thane Municipal Corporation lies adjacent to the lake.

Upvan Arts Festival[edit]

Upvan Lake is home to the Upvan Arts Festival which is held in the second weekend of January.[1] This arts festival is supported by MTDC & TMC. The Annual Festival hosts cultural elements across Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Traditional Art, Visual Art, Digital Art, Culinary Art, Sculptures, Installations, Interactive Art, Contemporary Art, etc. UAF also includes workshops & seminars art related subjects by Experts, various demonstrations, exhibitions, street stalls, food fiesta.


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