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Hello everyone. I'm Chris Neville-Smith, and I'm working on creating articles for the recent Alan Ayckbourn plays. I have no qualifications to do this apart from going to the Stephen Joseph Theatre far too often, but my articles seem to be getting consistent B-ratings so I must be doing something right.

The pages I created are:

I've also heavily expanded Woman in Mind.

I've also created a chronological plays template, and I'm slowly adding stubs for all the Ayckbourn plays so that there's at least something.

Feel free to leave messages on my talk page. I will normally respond on the same page unless you request otherwise.

If you're wondering why I'm concentrating so heavily on plays, my home page ought to explain quite a bit. Sadly, I understand linking to this page from Wikipedia won't push it up the Google rankings, so please feel free to indiscriminately link to this from your own sites so I can feel more important.

I also contribute to deletion discussions and patrol new pages, and consequently I am involved in the deletion of a lot of pages. If this happened to your page, I am more than happy to discuss what (if anything) can be done to make the page appropriate for Wikipedia. However, I would prefer it if you could make extravagant claims of your own self-importance and/or give me a barrage of abuse, because that's more fun. This page and this one are good starting points of reference.

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