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Green Giant
Master editor 2.png
Senior Editor III
— Wikipedian —
This user would like a house like this.
This user would like a house like this.
Born (2006-01-19) 19 January 2006 (age 9)
Current location Horsehead Nebula, Wiki-Userspace
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Aliases User:Green Giant 2
User:Green Giant 3
Signature Green Giant (edits) (talk)
Awards given and received
Awards given by me
Down.png Awards received by me
Original Barnstar.png Fixed table on National Anthem of Russia
27 March 2006
Original Barnstar.png Rational speech on Talk:Pakistan
23 April 2006
Userpage barnstar.svg Extra effort on the user page in terms of design, writing, or content
29 July 2007
Original Barnstar.png General good work, including trimming some lengthy external links sections
30 August 2010
Featured article star.svg This user has been identified as an Awesome Wikipedian and was awarded their own day
17 October 2010
Barnstar of National Merit.svg For coverage related to Pakistan
4 February 2012
Goldenwiki 2.png Golden Wiki Award — Top 5% of most active Wikipedians in March 2012
4 April 2012
Modest Barnstar Hires.png For recent contributions
15 April 2012
Compass Barnstar Hires.png For finding the coordinates of Ajtani, Mayong (Assam), Panchetiya, Pilichikuzhi, Rangiyam, Tebhapadar, and Thirukalappur
11 February 2014
Globe-barnstar2.png For improving Mayong (Assam) in particular, and articles in general
11 February 2014
India Barnstar.PNG For finding or correcting coordinates, and making other improvements, on Gangada, Kavalur, Valathoor, Lakhpur, Khera, Nangal, Peddamanagalaram, Koottala, Rawalpindi, Kapurthala, and Thaniyamangalam
12 February 2014
Nat. Merit UK 2.png For expanding Lihou from a stub to Good Article
23 February 2014
Lihou causeway - - 137.jpg Jointly awarded with above barnstar
23 February 2014
Barnstar of Diligence Hires.png For helping with licences for images included in Pierre De Meyts article
8 October 2014
BoNM - Pakistan Hires.png For contributions to Pakistan-related topics
25 November 2014
WikiCup Participant.png For participating in the 2014 WikiCup
J Milburn, The ed17 and Miyagawa
4 November 2014‎
A Green Giant is a very rare, visually luminous massive star, with just one known to exist in the Wikiverse.
This page is about a Wikimedia user. For the fictional hero, see the Hulk. For the food brand, see Green Giant.

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47 articles on Wikipedia.

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Updated DYK query.svgDid you know (22 January 2014)
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(Expanded from redirect 1 February 2006)
(Expanded from redirect 28 January 2006)
Symbol support vote.svg Good article (28 March 2008)
En-wikipedia arms 9-full.svg Selected article for Portal:Heraldry (September 2010)
Flag of Pakistan.svg Selected article for Portal:Pakistan (November 2007)
Updated DYK query.svgDid you know (15 January 2014)

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