This user sometimes gets lost on Commons.
This user thinks MediaWiki has a really shiny wiki, although it could be shinier.
This user has a bug on her userpage.
This user has absolutely no idea just what Wikitech is. Or isn't.
This user decided to out herself on foundationwiki.
This user can't think of anything interesting to say about Meta.


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This user has decided to go mad.

I'm an
But suppose you want a more serious explanation.

This is a userpage, right? It should contain information about the user - tell a story, perhaps, or generally inform, or at very least say hi... so hello. I'm Kim. I'm from Colorado, I'm a madwoman, and I used to have an enormous mouldy palm tree in my basement, but then it died.

As for the woman on this page, she's not me. She's not a persona or an alter ego or an avatar or even a character at all, nor is she even mine. She's just an image, and though she is also a metaphor for something grand and dear, she's still just filler.

But that doesn't really tell you much, now does it? None of it does. The warnings are filtered down so far that there is indeed no story left, and it is all just words. And me? I'm an Uncyclopedian, but I don't want to talk about it. I'm here, but I don't do content. I'm not a member of any wikiprojects, I rarely visit the same part of the wiki twice, and I keep starting random things and then forgetting to finish them. Among others, I have an alternate account specifically for huggling mostly just for the sake of having an alternate account specifically for huggling. Most of my work is with images, though you wouldn't know it here. And most of my time is spent wandering, but wandering leaves little trail when to do so would only make matters worse...

And this, this was probably not what you were after, not what you were after at all.