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Born at Mexico City, Mexico, in 1967.

Interested in computers, Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Economy, Politics, Sociology, and Science in general.

Concerned about the causes of poverty in the world, including rich and poor people. Interested in the origins and evolution of developed nations, and how to extrapolate such evolution to poor countries.

In general, interested in complex systems (and I'm talking about the Theory of Systems, which includes, but it's not limited to, Information Systems).

Also interested in finding information (even knowledge) from apparently chaotic (and perhaps large) amounts of data. That includes: computers identifying objects or people in pictures, analyzing large amounts of data and automatically finding features, trends, etc., economic systems, and so on.

Living in the USA since 1998, and in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA since year 2000.

After *proudly* (and barely) surviving 2008's Great Recession, I am currently employed as a *very happy* Senior Java Software Developer in a healthcare-oriented company in the USA.