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While I was once very active, bordering perhaps upon too active upon Wikipedia, I no longer have the time nor the passion to contribute to the same degree. Still, my use of Wikipedia as a reference has remained consistent, and I find myself still fixing the odd typo every so often, in the hopes that I can continue to help.

Wikipedia has changed so much since I first came - as perhaps most things do in eight years. Still, I cannot help but be amazed at how much of an impact something as "simple" as a free encyclopedia has had upon the world. Knowledge must be free, and I'm glad to see that Wikipedia has ensured that will always be the case.

I won't drop a retirement banner on this page, that's much too cliche. Even this stretches the boundary. I'll continue to visit - drop me a line if you'd like my help in something. I can't promise a prompt response, but I'll respond....sometime :)


I'd like to thank The Random Editor, from whom's userpage I used as a base.

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Working on the Main Page

Being the gateway to the encyclopedia - the Main Page is Wikipedia's most frequently visited page. The main page is always protected and can only be edited by admins. But, most of the content on the main page is piped in each day from various departments, via templates. The volunteers in these departments work year round to prepare the content on the Main page to be viewed by the World each day.

The main page support departments are:

Anybody can help prep the pages that feed into the main page's templates (up until the day they are displayed on the Main page), by proofreading and correcting them, and we encourage you to do so.

The scheduled queues of pages to be displayed by each department on the main page can be found at:

Important: Be sure to follow the instructions posted at each department.

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