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Tip of the day...

Link tricks

Here are two tricks to reduce the amount of typing needed to create links:

1. The pipe trick: A pipe (|) at the end of the link to a page will hide disambiguations (the part of a page name in parentheses) and namespace prefixes ("Talk:", "Wikipedia:" etc.) from the visible link. For example: ''[[The Lord of the Rings (movie)|]]'' becomes ''[[The Lord of the Rings (movie)|The Lord of the Rings]]'', which is shown as The Lord of the Rings (the part in parentheses is now hidden).

Here's a namespace example: [[Wikipedia:About|]] is converted to [[Wikipedia:About|About]], which is shown as About.   (The namespace is now hidden).

2. Plural trick: Often, you'll be editing an article and need to make a link to a plural. For example, suppose you wanted to link "Fred Foo was famous for his study of puddles" to puddle. You could link it like so: [[puddle|puddles]]. However, you can save time instead by writing [[puddle]]s. This also works for adjectives ([[Japan]]ese), verbs ([[dance]]d) and any other suffixes or prefixes. However, it does not work for some irregular verbs. ([[Try]]ied does not work; you have to use [[try|tried]]).

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Another Tip of the moment...

Mediation Cabal

The Mediation Cabal is an informal group of users who are available to mediate disputes before they get out of hand. If you are having a disagreement that you would like help resolving please file a request. Mediation Cabal also welcomes anyone who would like to join and mediate a case. All you have to do is sign up! (Although you may want to ask more experienced mediators for advice.)

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