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Tip of the day...

Can't find what you are looking for?

Wikipedia is not Yahoo Answers. But if you have a general question such as, "Why is the sky blue?", and you cannot find a Wikipedia article that answers it, you can ask your question at the Wikipedia:Reference desk. If it turns out that no article on the subject exists, you can request one be written at Wikipedia:Requested articles.

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Another Tip of the moment...

How to link to a section of an article

Sometimes it is necessary to refer to a specific section of a page when linking, rather than the whole page.

You can create a link to any subheading on any page in Wikipedia by including a # character followed by the subheading at the end of a link. For example:

Wikipedia:Community Portal#Things to do.

In all section links, be sure to use a piped link for readability, like this:

:[[Wikipedia:Community Portal#Things to do|Things to do]]

which looks like this:

Things to do

If a section title changes, rather than go red/inactive, the link will lead to the top of the linked page.

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