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Hullo. I am Doug. I'm an off and on WP editor. I am concerned with the low quality of many articles, even those of "obscure" topics. This is because they are relied on by those seeking information on that "obscure" topic; is it right for a reader to get potentially misled by bad quality because want to read about an obscure topic? I feel articles (big or small) often stay bad a long time owing to poorly introduced text (often well-meaning promoters) and fear of its revision/removal due to lack of available information and interest. Rarely have I found hostility in what I've done, and I do it with best of intentions.

I've found it interesting to remove POV entrenchment from an article, especially when there's little source material (see WP:POV). Sometimes I enjoy contributing to higher profile topics also subject to POV forces; but I don't always have the stomach. Fellow editors are typically very engaging, courteous, and grateful during discussions regarding POV in article talk pages (though a rare few have been oddly belligerent).

I can tend to be verbose, wordy, and go out of my way to roundabout discuss things in article talk, especially when I detect conflict; perhaps that seeps into my article revisions. Also, there are times when I don't catch all the punct and grammar. Both of why it's so handy to have so many editors pouring over revisions!