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About me[edit]

My alter-ego, Rex Schneider the dinosaur, was created in the early 1990s as a bad pun on my real name.

I live in the West Midlands, England and was born in 1952. I studied Natural Sciences and the Electrical Sciences Tripos, graduating in 1972 and then I only worked for a year in the Electronics industry before becoming a teacher (blame Apollo 13). After 24 years of teaching in secondary schools (11-18+), I have spent my time since 1997 working on IT-related projects for further and higher establishments as well as large businesses. I formally retired in 2012.

I served on a succession of exam boards for over 30 years, chairing The West Midlands Exam Board and its Computer Studies panel, then as a member of several committees for Midland Examining Group and Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations. I finally retired from OCR's Regulations Committee, which dealt with exam malpractice, in 2012.

My main hobby is Scuba diving and I've been involved in instruction of recreational diving for well over 20 years as an SAA National Instructor.

On Wikipedia, my main interests are scuba diving articles, medical articles and accessibility. I'm proud to have taken Oxygen toxicity to FA and a couple of other diving-medicine articles to GA. I was honoured to have List of signs and symptoms of diving disorders chosen to be the first featured list in the current weekly slot on main page. I also have some technical skills and was involved in the creation of {{hlist}} which provides accessible lists to most navboxes. More recently I created Module:Wikidata, which is intended to simplify the inclusion of information from Wikidata into our infoboxes.

From May 2012 until June 2013 I served as a trustee of Wikimedia UK and I regularly train newcomers to edit Wikipedia for a variety of institutions. For training purposes I maintain two alternative accounts, Famously Sharp which has no custom addons, so I can use it to accurately demonstrate the new editor's environment, and Famously Mild, so that I can demonstrate not being auto-confirmed if required. I am identified to the WMF.

This Video on YouTube is an absolute masterpiece.

Does the idea that one afternoon
On Wiki-fucking-pedia might enlighten you
Frighten you?

Brilliant stuff!