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To do list[edit]

  • Genetics
    • Transcription - general grammar/clarity corrections.
    • Replisome - general reshuffle, improve definition and add recent findings by Lovett 2007 such as presence of a third DNA pol.
    • RNA activation - keep up-to-date, add details of controversy and suggest reshuffle to start article with information on RNAa, referring to RNAi later.
    • Edman degradation - try to make article more lay-accessible (pretty difficult to understand as it is).
    • Subgenomic mRNA - make clear that replication is always 5'-3' and more clearly define "jumping" of DNA polymerase.
    • DNA repair - add info on novel plant DNA repair mechanisms/characteristics.
    • DNA sequencing discussion - awaiting reply on subject
  • Immunology
    • Somatic hypermutation - general clearup of Mechanism section, get more appropriate images, link to affinity maturation in article, remove See also section. Also check with User:WhatamIdoing whether it should actually be a mid-importance article according to the guidelines here.
  • Evolution
    • Domestication - improve referencing throughout, expand Background section, add info on domestication genes...
  • Cell Biology
    • Secretory pathway - general rewrite, see proposed article outline in talk.
    • ER retention - general rewrite and add details of possible models of retention (e.g. of HDEL ligands).
    • Golgi apparatus - add brief mention of what the combined model suggests and mention of requirement for recycling in retrograde transport.
    • TRAPP complex - suggest rewrite as, whilst easily understood, most of article is background to vesicle transport, not the TRAPP complex!
    • Nucleolus - needs a cleanup.
    • Cell nucleus - several novel plant subnuclear organelles exist which aren't even referred to (doi:10.1016/j.pbi.2004.09.011).
  • Plants
    • Florigen - expand and clarify details of recent findings.
    • ABC model - add mention of requirement of SEP (Im) genes and add problems section.
    • Secondary cell wall - expand article to include more detailed info on structure, properties, found in which cells, etc.
  • Animals
    • Platypus - suggest more indepth look at Warren et al. and subsequent findings on Platypus genome.
    • Monotremes - sequencing no longer "imminent" and mention importance of findings regarding phylogenetic placement of monotremes.

For draft versions of pages I'm working on, see my draft sandbox subpage (currently working on DNA Ligase).

Significant contributions[edit]

Random stuff[edit]