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== Guneez Ibrahim ==

Early Life

Guneez Ibrahim is a Scottish astronaut who lives in Germany. At the age of 2, Guneez was the youngest female to attempet to carve a pumpkin with one hand. Although she failed to cut through the pumpkin, Guneez still made it into the Guiness World Record Book. She also holds the record of being the youngest female holding a record. Soon after attempting to carve a pumpkin, she broke her arm while snowboarding and skatebording at the same time. Guneez now holds the record for being the youngest person to brake their arm due to skateboarding and snowboarding. Her family was very scared for her health so they took major action. Guneez was never to leave the house since her parents thought that everything she did might kill her. Since she was forced to stay inside, Guneez would pray for fun. She prayed so much one day that Jesus appeared in her room on 12/3/98. She holds the record for being the only person

living to have met Jesus in person.

Jesus told her that she was going to be an astronaut then he left. Thus Guneez became an astronaut.

Becoming Famous

After Guneez held the record of being the first person to go Pluto and survivng she became some what famous. She became close friends with Chuck Norris after introducing him to[[1]] When the news spred that Guneez and Chuck Norris were friends, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were not happy.

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were planning to invite Chuck Norris on their show "The Simple Life". The problem was, The two friends hated astronauts, so when they found out that he had a friend that was an astronaut, they disinvited him. Chuck Norris wasn't angry. Chuck Norris is cool like that. But Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie stayed angry at Guneez, but she didn't mind since she was never fond of them. Chuck Norris felt like roundhouse kicking them, so he did. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are the only humans alive to survive the roundhouse kick, but they didn't make a record. Guneez only makes records. Guneez went everywhere with Chuck Norris, but his wife was getting angry because he was coming home late and kept missing dinner. Now Norris had to be home by a certain hour. Since Guneez was not spending as much time with Chuck Norris like she used to, she made more celebrity friends. Criss Angel became a close friend of hers when they bumped into each other at a pet store. Guneez was getting food for her walrus and Angel was getting a toy for his pet demon baby hampster. The two friends would always hang out with each other, until Criss Angel found out that his mother had a liver disease. Angel was heart broken. Thus Angel became emo, and Guneez got scared and never hung out with him again.

Guneez made friends with celebrity Tom Cruise. But he was too small to be her friend so she beat him up. Then Guneez made friends with Jessica Alba. FANTANSIC 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thus Guneez was an extra in the movie.

Guneez also had the honor of meeting the BEAUTIFUL and talented MICHAEL JACKSON!!! While Guneez was in the middle of her break dancing class, Michael Jackson saw how amazing Guneez was at dancing so he put her in one of his music videos. Guneez can be seen in Michael Jackson's "Black and White". Guneez and Michael became good friends but then Guneez found out that Michael Jackson was actually Mr. Potato Head. Guneez hated Potatoes so she told Michael that it was over. Guneez holds the record for being the only person to actually be friends with Michael Jackson that was over the age of 6.