Uta Nickel

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Uta Nickel
Minister of Finance and Prize
In office
18 November 1989 – 12 April 1990
Prime Minister Hans Modrow
Preceded by Ernst Höfner
Succeeded by Walter Romberg
Personal details
Born 1941 (age 72–73)
Nationality German

Uta Nickel (born 1941) is one of the former finance ministers of East Germany.

Early life and education[edit]

Nickel was born in 1941.[1] She studied economics.[2]


Nickel served as the councillor of finance of Leipzig. She was state secretary for finances and prizes from 1988 to 1989.[1] She was appointed minister of finance and prizes on 18 November 1989.[3] Nickel was part of "reform-minded" cabinet formed by Hans Modrow.[4]

She resigned from the office in January 1990 upon the allegations that she involved in illegal payments.[2] Upon these accusations, she was investigated by the prosecutor general for financial breach of trust.[2] Nickel denied any wrongdoing.[5] Nickel's term officially ended on 12 April 1990 when Walter Romberg was appointed as finance minister.[6]


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