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Vännäs Train Station in July 2005
Vännäs Train Station in July 2005
Vännäs is located in Sweden
Coordinates: 63°55′N 19°45′E / 63.917°N 19.750°E / 63.917; 19.750Coordinates: 63°55′N 19°45′E / 63.917°N 19.750°E / 63.917; 19.750
Country Sweden
Province Västerbotten
County Västerbotten County
Municipality Vännäs Municipality
 • Total 3.28 km2 (1.27 sq mi)
Population (31 December 2010)[1]
 • Total 4,118
 • Density 1,257/km2 (3,260/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Vännäs, from Wendenäs, ‘where the river changes it path’ is a locality that has existed since 1539. Vännäs is the seat of Vännäs Municipality in Västerbotten County, Sweden and had 4,118 inhabitants in 2010.[1]

Vännäs is the hometown of the hardcore-band Refused, with singer Dennis Lyxzéns family still living in Kolksele 1 mil (6 miles) from Vännäs köping. Other famous Vännäs locals are Sverker Olofsson; the former host of the popular TV show Plus.

The Vännäs TV Tower, a 323 metres tall partially manned broadcasting tower, is located in the vicinity of Vännäs.

Twinned cities[edit]

Johannes church

Vännäs was twinned with Cameri, a city in northern Italy in 2003 . Vännäs is also twinned with the Norwegian city Hemnes and the Finnish city Storkyro.

The Italian Week[edit]

Each year, in conjunction with the National Days of Sweden and Italy a festival takes place in Vännäs, in honour of the similarities and differences between Sweden and Italy.


Vännäsdagarna is a three days long annual festival during the second weekend of July, which brings a mix of performers and street vendors to Vännäs every year. An estimated 58,000 visitors attend the festival each year, thus making Vännäsdagarna the biggels festival in Westrobothnia.


The Main Line Through Upper Norrland was built during the 19th century, and was for military reasons passing through Vännäs instead of the Westrobothnian capital Umeå. The railway made Vännäs an important rail junction, which facilitated the rapid growth of the locality.


Liljaskolan, the locality's only upper secondary school caters for 900 students, studying at ten national and two local programmes. Students at Liljaskolan can choose to study, among other things, floristry and snow-boarding.

Hammarskolan, caters for some 250 pupils in year 7-9 whereas younger students tend to attend Vännäsby skola which caters for year 0-9.

Famous people from Vännäs[edit]






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