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Vaan Nguyen on the poster of the film "The Journey of Vaan Nguyen", 2005

Nguyễn Thi Hong Vaan (in short Vaan Nguyen, Hebrew: ואן נויין‎, born April 1982 in Ashkelon, Israel) is an Israeli poet, actress and publicist raised in Jaffa and living in Tel Aviv.

Van Nguyen appeared in a feature documentary film called The Journey of Vaan Nguyen (Israel 2005) by filmmaker Duki Dror. The film follows Vaan's trip with her father back to Vietnam in order to examine the fate of the family's land and property during the years. The movie also features commentary text from Nguyen's blog that became renowned in the Israeli blogosphere.

As a poet Nguyen contributes to "Free Academy", and publishes poems and short stories in Maayan Magazine. In 2008, she published her first poetry book in Hebrew, "Eye of the Truffle" (Maayan publishing house).

As a journalist Vaan wrote a column for Zman Tel Aviv, Maariv newspaper and several articles about fashion and culture at Israelis web portals.

As an actress she made an appearance on Meir Swisa's TV show. She participated as a guest star on Yes sitcom "Lo Hivtachti Lach" TV show, and played a daily role as an actress at the HOT's soap opera "hasufim". She also hosted a couple of TV articles on "Teva Ha-Dvarim" TV channel and a couple of editorial shows on

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