Vankusawade Wind Park

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Vankusawade Wind Park is located on a high mountain plateau at 1,150 m above the Koyana Reservoir, around 40 km from the town of Satara, Satara District in Maharashtra.[1] When completed, it will be Asia's biggest wind power park and will generate 250 MW. Suzlon Energy Ltd., Asia's leading wind power company is promoting it.

As of 2011, a total of over 490 wind turbines of 350 kW capacity have been installed. The total power output is over 174 MW. The balance is expected to be installed shortly making it the largest single-made, single-size (350 kW) wind park in the world.


Coordinates: 17°27′22″N 73°49′59″E / 17.45611°N 73.83306°E / 17.45611; 73.83306