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Verenahof (aka. Büttenharter Hof or Verenahöfe) was a German exclave in Switzerland, administratively part of the German town of Wiechs am Randen (which is now part of the town of Tengen). Geographically, it was separated from Wiechs am Randen by a 200–300 metre broad strip of Swiss territory.

On 4 October 1967, the territory, containing three houses and fewer than a dozen people, became part of Switzerland in the transfer of 529 912 m2 of West German land parcels (that had administratively been part of the German towns of Konstanz, Oehningen, Rielasingen, Wiechs am Randen, Altenburg, Stühlingen, Weizen and Grimmelshofen) in exchange for the transfer to West Germany of an equal area of Swiss land parcels (that had administratively been part of the Swiss towns of Kreuzlingen, Hemishofen, Büttenhardt, Opfertshofen, and Merishausen).[1] It now belongs to the Swiss municipality of Büttenhardt.

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Coordinates: 47°45′26.59″N 8°39′04.45″E / 47.7573861°N 8.6512361°E / 47.7573861; 8.6512361