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Vernon Knowles (1899-1968) was an Australian author, born in Adelaide.

He attended the University of Western Australia but did not complete a degree. With some encouragement from Walter Murdoch, he turned to writing. He became an expatriate, living mostly in England.[1]

Knowles wrote a series of fantasy stories, The Street of Queer Houses and other Tales. [2] Neil Barron has stated: "Knowles's work is in the tradition of Richard Garnett and has affinities with the work of Lord Dunsany and Donald Corley, but he affects a more naive and relaxed style than any of these. His best stories are amusing literary confections."[2]


  • Songs and Preludes (1917) poetry
  • Lamps and Vine Leaves (1919), poetry, with Charles Rischbieth Jury[3] and Edward James Ranembe Morgan
  • Bypaths (1921)
  • The Street of Queer Houses: And Other Stories (1924)
  • Poems (1925)
  • Here and Otherwhere (1926) stories
  • Beads of Coloured Days: a study in behaviour (1926)
  • Silver Nutmegs (1927) stories
  • The Ripening Years (1927) poetry
  • The Ladder (1929)
  • Pitiful Dust. A study in frustration (1931)
  • Two and Two Make Five (1935)
  • Eternity In An Hour, a study in childhood (1932) memoir
  • The Experience of Poetry (1935)
  • Prince Jonathan. A dramatic lyric (1935)
  • Love Is My Enemy (1947)
  • Sapphires: Here and Otherwhere and Silver Nutmegs (1978, reprint)


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