Villa Hügel

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Villa Hügel
Villa Hügel

The Villa Hügel is a mansion in Bredeney (part of the modern city of Essen) in Germany. It belonged to the Krupp family of industrialists and was built by Alfred Krupp in 1873 as a residence. More recently, the Villa Hügel has housed the offices of the Kulturstiftung Ruhr (Ruhr Cultural Foundation) as well as an art gallery and the historical archive of the Krupp family and company.

An annex called the Little House (kleines Haus) contains sixty rooms and was used to confine Alfried Krupp in the aftermath of the Second World War.[1]

The house has 269 rooms and occupies 8,100 m². It is situated in a 28-hectare park that overlooks the River Ruhr and the Baldeneysee.


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