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VNG Corporation
Type Corporation
Industry Internet Information Providers
Digital content
Game Online Business
Fate Make the Internet change Vietnamese lives
Founded 9 September 9, 2004
Headquarters 182 Le Dai Hanh st., Ward 15, Dist. 11, Ho Chi Minh City
Key people Mr. Le Hong Minh - Founder, Chairman & CEO
Vuong Quang Khai - Executive Vice President
Nguyen Hoanh Tien - Vice President
Nguyen Hoang Que Nga - Vice President
Le Thi Ngoc Diep - Vice President
Products Digital content and online entertainment
Brands 08
Employees 2000

VNG Corporation (VNG) is a Vietnamese technology company. Founded in 2004 specializing, Digital Content and Online Entertainment, Online Community and E-commerce. [1]

According to a survey “100 best workplaces in Vietnam” Anphabe Vietnam and AC Nielsen in February 2014, VNG the best in the Internet and e-commerce industry. [2]

The company has 30 million online/mobile users.[3]


VNG was founded on 9th September, 2004 under the name of VinaGame. From the first contract signed with Kingsoft, “Vo Lam Truyen Ky” became 1st MMORPG online game and the turning point for the online Entertainment industry in Vietnam. Within 1 month operations, “Vo Lam Truyen Ky” game got a great result 200,000CCU.[4]

  • 2006-2007: The company focused on developing useful software products for internet users like "Internet Cyber Station Manager” (CSM)”, (ecommerce). Especially, The company develop web products under Zing Brand – comprehensive platform covering information, connection and entertainment for users and ranked by Alexa in August 2008 as ZingMP3 the most popular listenning and searching tool for online music in Vietnam. [5]
  • 2008-2009: Under the name of VNG corporation. The company excecuted the strategy to attract and encouraged creativity amongst the high quality manpower in IT field. Still develop new products one of which was Zing Me- Social network with more “4 million active users” within 6 months from launched product.[6]
  • 2010-2011: Thuan Thien Kiem entered the market as the first 2.5D MMORPG developed in South East Asia. The game also marked a significant evolvement of VNG from a game operator to a game developer. The game was awarded with Sao Khue prize 2010 designed to honor the trend-leading and innovative software, solution and game producer. VNG also expanded to the foreign markets such as Japan by exporting successfully Un In originally developed by Vietnamese.
  • 2012-2013: VNG joined the leading trend in mobile sector by focusing on developing high-quality products running on this platform. Zalo, which is a mobile application for free call and free text, took its undeniable first place on the top of noticeably excellent apps. It reached 10 million users in only one and a half years.

Awards from 2013 to present[edit]

  • September 2013: Mr. Le Hoang Quan - the president of HCM City People's Committee honored VNG for having contributed many to the business of service as well as well as to social and charitable activities for years ( from 2008 to 2012).
  • October 2013: VNG was recognized as one of the top 105 illustrious firms at the Ceremony to honor HCMC’s enterprise in 2013.
  • April 2014: VNG was awarded the Rank 3 labor medal by the president of Vietnam. Mr Le Hong Minh, CEO of VNG, was also awarded the certificate of merit by the prime minister.

Data center[edit]

VNG possess two modern Data Center which meet the Tier-3 Standard. Those two data are located in HCMC (Quang Trung Software City, Dist 12) and in Ha Noi (the industrial zone Hoa Lac). The total area is over 1,700m2. The electrical capacity is over 1.2MW.

Those two Data Center were the basis for all services of VNG. They are the hosts for hundred products, services of VNG and its partners which are multimedia material (such as web, music, movie, etc.), social network, online chat room, e commerce platforms.

Products and Services[edit]

Digital content and online entertainment[edit]

Zing MP3[edit]

Zing Mp3 was released in August 2007. It’s now the most popular website for searching and listening to music in Vietnam. With as the domain name, this website has the most numerous users. Zing Mp3 is also used as an application on OS such as iOS, Android, Window phone. Thanks to the catch for mobile trend and continuous product improvement, Zing Mp3 is always in the Top 3 of the most downloaded in the application stores.

In December 2012, Zing Mp3 signed an international copyright contract with Universal Music Group. This contract is designed to Vietnamese users in order that they can listen to the records of Universal Music. The records can be listened on stream or downloaded with paying fee. Six months later, in June 2013, Zing Mp3 bought a giant stock of records from Sony Music Group. Moreover, Zing Mp3 is also an important partner of YouTube. Previously, Zing had possessed the business rights for over 40.000 songs of Recording Industry Association of Vietnam and 35000 song of Centre for Music Copyright of Vietnam. With many contracts about music with local and foreign partner as well as a lot of active users, Zing is a flagship company for possessing and distributing music with copyright in Vietnam

One of the most famous activities of Zing Mp3 is Zing Music Awards. It is organized to honor the efforts of Vietnamese artists about online music. This award gives the full image of Vietnamese music every year as well as the listener’s taste. The first award was in 2010

Vo lam truyen ky (VLTK)[edit]

VLTK is a the first game online in Vietnam bring not only the reputation but also the success for VNG. After being released in China under the name Justice Xwar, VNG bought the copyright of the game then publiced the first version in 2005. The game has attracted a lot of players from many fields such as doctor, professor, teacher, student, personnel, artist: Ung Hoang Phuc, Tan Beo, Lam Truong, Xuan Bac, Ngan Khanh... From 2005 until April 2014, near 20 million players enjoy VLTK with more than 86 online servers at the same time.

One of the most attractive activities of VLTK is the martial general meeting with over 40.000 participants in 2005 at 7 military zone gymnasium.

VLTK has 9 versions: Công Thành Chiến, Sơn Hà Xã Tắc, Tình Nghĩa Giang Hồ, Phong Hỏa Liên Thành, Hùng Bá Thiên Hạ, Thất Thành Đại Chiến, Phong Vân Tái Khởi, Bát Mạch Chân Kinh, Cửu Niên Trùng Phùng... and 14 tournaments for the best martial game group (an extremely famous tournament for players).

Besides activities in game, VLTK organizes successfully the competition of Ten-Beauties who are very famous in showbiz such as singers Bao Thy, Bich Ly, actress Ngan Khanh, Miss Vietnam Ngoc Han...

Vo lam chi mong (VLCM)[edit]

VLCM With the background of That Dieu Hiep Lu story of a famous writer Kim Dung, VLCM is a swashbuckler webgame which attracts the most of players in Vietnam.

In ARPG without installing the game, players can enjoy the VLCM on website with many unique duplicates and functions such as Tương Dương Thành Chiến, Hoa Sơn Luận Kiếm, Đại Hội Tỷ Võ…

VLCM has 400 servers at game gate: main gate (main page), Zing Me gate, Zing Play gate, Yahoo gate, Game Vui gate to satisfy all the demand of experiencing inter-server and the first inter-game gate in Vietnam. On 28 October 2011, VLCM opens the first server Kim Long with over 100.000 accesses. One year later in October 2012, VLCM has over 10.000.000 characters created and until January 2014, the game has over 400 servers for players enjoy.

A highlight offline campaign of the game is "Birthday of Chi Mong - legend in martial world" took place in October 2013 attracted over 4.000 participants in Hanoi and HCMC.


3Q Clove is an MOBA game first released in October 2012, then on 5 November 2012 the beta was presented freely. The pro version was opened on 19 November 2012.

After two years, with 4.5 million players, 3Q is one of attractive MOBA games in Vietnam.

Sky Garden[edit]

It is an SNS webgame released on 20 December 2010. Players have responsibility to take care of their in-sky gardens by fertilizing, harvesting. Besides that, players can decorate their gardens with pretty things and lovely flowerpots. This is the first plain Vietnamese and successful SNS game in Vietnam in the number of players and revenues. Thanks to that successes, In-sky garden was rewarded Sao Khue in 2012 by VINASA.

In-sky Garden is in Vietnamese and Chinese version. In near future, the game will be released in mobile version for Apple Store and Google Play. Until April 2014, with 3,5 milion players, In-sky Garden brings VNG approximate 6 billion revenues only within 3 months of releasing.

Dragon Island[edit]

It is an monopolistic SNS webgame for Zing AppStore. With new playing mode from breeding dragons, players take their dragons to compete with their friends' ones. Within January 2014, Dragon Island is the game with the highest revenue in comparison with other products' one developed by VNG.

Zing Play[edit]

It is the popular game gate with the collection of many opposition mini games that are suitable with all age of players. It includes 6 card games, 3 chess games and 2 leisure games. At present there are 3 million users monthly with all versions from web to mobile.

Connecting People[edit]

Zing Me[edit]

Zing Me, released in August 2009, is a social network invested, developed by VNG and integrated many special applications such as blog, picture, music, game, video clip, email... right in Zing system. Besides that, Zing Me is also the first social network in Vietnam with infrastructure permits the third-parties develope and share applications through API helping enrich the content of system. In March 2010, Zing Me was released the first version for mobile. With those achievements, Zing Me was rewarded "The Typical Value Added Service 2009" by Department of Information and Communications HCMC on 27 March 2009; Sao Khue award in 2010 when Zing Me rated 4 stars in the group of value added products and services on mobile/internet.

After releasing two years, Zing Me achieved the point of 8 million users in August 2011. Not only sharing post and blog, Zing Me can help users communicate each other's through favorite pictures, voices, emotional symbols... which has recorded the number of 1 million pictures shared everyday from June 2013 until now.


Zalo is a free message and call application on mobile released on 8 August 2012. Its benefits are stable call quality and high security.

Zalo is free on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia Java. Zalo works well on all network infrastructure 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G and wifi. Besides free message and call, Zalo is also integrated social network function to improve users' connection. On 20 March 2014, Zalo achieved the point of 10 million users.

Zalo is plain Vietnamese application researched and developed by Vietnamese with many benefits:

  • 5-minutes voice message;
  • High security/strict private;
  • High speed and stable message on many service bands: 2G, 2.5G, 3G and wifi;

Zalo is used at 63 cities, provinces, distant islands Spratly and countries with crowded Vietnamese community such as USA, Korea, Japan, Singapore... At present many units use Zalo as an instrument of promotion and exploitation in economical and social activities. At the end of May, VTV has used Zalo as a bridge to tranfer personal sentiment and thinking about Vietnam island and send encouragements to soldiers at Spratly. Coca Cola, Mc Donald's... also choose Zalo as an advertisement channel.



Subject to satisfying the demand of internal and external payment, in 2010 VNG invested in researching and developing Online Payment Gateway named 123Pay which is inherited and developed from ZingPay Gateway (for payment of game online since 2005).

123Pay is connected and used in many fields from Digital Content Service (game online, online high quality music), e-commerce (business website) to utility service such as tour and hotel booking, cinema/airline ticket, mobile phone top up, water/electricity/ADSL payment...

The benefit of 123Pay is based on many systems such as banking system (including 40 banks in Vietnam) which accept Visa, Master international credit/debit card; security service with international standard: PCI DSS, Verisign, Trustwave and the member promotion system Plus. Especially, in 2014, 123Pay has been connected with Cybersource, one of the biggest e-Commercial Payment Management Company (belong to Visa Card Group) that helps process of payment safer, more effective and secure for customers who use international credit/debit card.


Laban Key[edit]

Laban Key is an application of Vietnamese keyboard for mobile equipments by VNG.

Laban Key appeared in September 2013 undertaken by Phạm Kim Long, Chief of project, who is the author of a famous Vietnamese keyboard Unikey. Since its first appearance, Laban Key has received many positive feedbacks from users. And in April 2014, Laban Key has attended in the top of applications which are high-rated on Google Play with a million downloads.

Highlight functions:

  • Telex and VNI typing with high accuracy and flexibility.
  • Smart suggestion: give a next-word prediction based on current and last word
  • Add punctuation mark of Vietnam by sliding on keyboard.
  • English and Vietnamese voice input with technology of Google voice recognition.
  • Adjust the height of keyboard to fit many screen sizes.
  • Support many languages such as English, French, Russian, and Germany...
  • Support many options of interface.



Cyber Station Manager (CSM) is an application for management of Internet Agents issued openly by VNG. The first version of CSM was issued by VNG on 2 February 2006. With more than 25.000 internet agents in all over country using CSM daily to manage productive time, service business, game update, automatic apps. CSM is one of the most popular applications in Vietnam for management of Internet Agents with over 60% market share and 2 million daily number accesses. CSM also received the certificate of national quality standard: TCVN 8702:2011 based Compliance CertificateB0001310314CS01A3 issued 31 March 2014 which leans on the newest certification mode promulgated in Decision 350/QĐ-CVT issued on 12 September 2013 by Telecommunication Bureau - Ministry of Information and Communications which replaces the Decision 75/QĐ-QLCL. Furthermore, CSM also won the prize of Sao Khue in 2009, 2012 and 2014.


VNG Digital Ads ( is a service of VNG aims to supply online advertisement campaigns through many forms such as TV, news, Social, Offline... and applies on a lot of equipments: PC, mobile, tablet... including:

  • Putting banners on websites such as Zing Mp3, Zing news, Zing TV...
  • PR is a kind of editorial advertisement. The advertisement can be appeared on Zing news and Baomoi at suitable columns based on the content.
  • Social Media is apartly designed through fanpage of Zing Me.
  • IMC (Integrated Marketing Campaign) is one of online advertisement uses social networks such as Facebook, ZingMe, Yahoo, and Google...
  • In-game Branding is one of advertisement which can contact with customers through successful game title of VNG.
  • 123link is seller and buyer connection advertisement based on e-commerce. At present, 123link has cooperated with more than 40 prime advertisers from many lines of business such as online sale, game, entertainment, media, mobile apps... especially, on 24 September 2013, Inmobi, the biggest independent mobile advertisement network, chose VNG as a monopoly partner supplying mobile advertisement in Vietnam.
  • Google Adwords

VNG Culture[edit]

The head office is located in Flemington building, Le Dai Hanh, HCMC. Furthermore, VNG also has other 7 offices in some big cities of Vietnam including Hanoi and Danang.

VNG has a comfortable working environment with the criterion "4 feeble, 6 able". "4 feeble" means tie & suit-feeble; border-feeble; rank-feeble; office-feeble. "6 able" means game-able; benefit-able; big family-able; discovery-able; wholehearted-able and Vietnam internet developing-able.[7] Hence, in January 2014, subject to a survey by CareerBuilder taken part by more than 17.000 people, VNG has pridefully become one of favorite 100 recruitment agencies in 2013.

VNG not only seeks experienced talents and experts, but also often recruits students from technology universities through the annual probation program to help and train new talents, at the same time to carry out the mission of "Developing Internet in order changing Vietnam life".

One of the highlight recruitment campaigns of VNG is VNG Fresher for senior students from many spheres. There are 2 campaigns a year, usually falling in May and October. About 300 candidates are selected from universities all over Vietnam for probationary position at VNG.

Difficulties and Challenges[edit]

VNG in particular and game online industry in general is always examined by authorized organizations for the potential risk of social problems springs up from over-control in playing game.

As example, in December 2010, inspectors from Department of Culture, Sports & Tourism HCMC required VNG cut down First-Person Shooter (FPS) game Sudden Attack cause of violence elements in the game online.

However, the new regulations introduced in 2013 have improved many problems, but they are not clear enough for game online suppliers. Amendments which are going to release in 2014 and 2015 will hopefully increase the knowledge about supervision and management in the marketplace containing many progressions and developments of Internet using behaviors of customers.[8]


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