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Vinger Church in Hedmark

Vinger is a traditional district and a parish as well as being a former municipality in Kongsvinger in Hedmark, Norway.

The parish of Vinger was established as a municipality on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt).

In 1855, Kongsvinger was separated from Vinger to form a distinct municipality. After this partition Vinger had a population of 10,947 whereas Kongsvinger had 472. In 1864, Eidskog was separated from Vinger, resulting in a population of 6,226. On 1 January 1876 a part of Vinger containing 209 inhabitants was transferred to Kongsvinger. On 1 January 1964 Vinger together with Brandval, was merged with Kongsvinger municipality. As this took place Vinger had a population of 6,257.

The name[edit]

The Norse form of the name was Vingr m. This word could be related to the word swing (for the missing s see Indo-European s-mobile): The river Glomma passes through the center of the district in a very sudden turn. (Compare the Lithuanian word vìngis m 'bend, bow, turn'.)

Coordinates: 60°11′41″N 12°00′38″E / 60.1947°N 12.0106°E / 60.1947; 12.0106