Vladislav I of Wallachia

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Vladislav I (Vlaicu-Vodă)
Voivode of Wallachia
Vladislav Vlaicu.jpg
Reign November 1364–1377
Predecessor Nicolae Alexandru
Successor Radu I
House House of Basarab
Father Nicolae Alexandru
Died 1377

Vladislav I (Bulgarian: Владислав I Romanian: Vladhyslao I[1]) of the Basarab dynasty, also known as Vlaicu-Vodă, was a ruler of the principality of Wallachia (a part of modern-day Romania) (1364 – c. 1377).

He was a vassal of the Bulgarian Emperor Ivan Alexander.[2] In 1369 Vladislav I subdued Vidin and recognised Louis I of Hungary as his overlord in return for Severin, Amlaş, and Făgăraş. In 1373 Louis I took Severin again but the Vlachs recovered it in 1376–1377.

The name Vladislav is of Slavic origin, meaning "to rule with glory", from Slavic волод volod (rule) and слав slav (glory).

Wallachia between the 13th and 16th centuries


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Preceded by
Nicolae Alexandru
Prince of Wallachia
1364 – c. 1377
Succeeded by
Radu I