Volkmann's canals

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Volkmann's canals
Illu compact spongy bone.jpg
Illustrated cross section of a long bone. Volkmann's canal labeled at bottom right.
Anatomical terminology

Volkmann canals, also known as perforating holes, are atomic arrangements in cortical bones. Volkmann canals are inside osteons. The Haversian canals, interconnecting the latter with each other and the periosteum. They usually run at obtuse angles to the Haversian canals and contain anastomosing vessels between Haversian capillaries. They were named after German physiologist Alfred Volkmann (1800-1878). Volkmann canals are any of the small channels in the bone that transmit blood vessels from the periosteum into the bone and that communicate with the Haversian canals. The perforating canals provide energy and nourishing elements for osteons.