Voodoo (song)

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Single by Godsmack
from the album Godsmack
Released October 20, 1999
Format CD
Length 4:40
Label Republic/Universal
Writer(s) Sully Erna, Robbie Merrill
Godsmack singles chronology
"Keep Away"
"Bad Religion"

"Voodoo", written by lead singer Sully Erna, is a single by alternative metal band Godsmack from their self-titled album Godsmack. The song "Voodoo" was best known for its use in the MTV television program Fear.

The video, directed by Dean Karr, shows witches performing a ritual with swords. The band is shown throughout the video playing in a corn field. A naked gorgon is shown dancing which is also part of the ritual. Zombies come out of a lake and wander through the woods. The video features Laurie Cabot and members of her coven at that time.

The idea of zombies came from the original inspiration of the song. At the House of Blues, vocalist Sully Erna stated that this inspiration was the film The Serpent and the Rainbow.[1]

The song was also used by WWE wrestler Batista during his time as Leviathan in the former WWE developmental territory Ohio Valley (OVW) from 2000 to 2002.

“Voodoo” is the final track on the album. After roughly two minutes of silence, more music is heard, closing the album. Although the song itself is 4:40 in length, the actual length (including the aforementioned silence and music) is 9:02.

Chart positions[edit]

Singles - Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
1999 Mainstream Rock Tracks 5
Modern Rock Tracks 6

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  1. ^ An Evening With Godsmack. House of Blues in Las Vegas, Nevada. 2006. ... this and Serenity are probably the only two songs that I wrote that lyrically have nothing to do with my own life. ... some inspiration from a movie I watched called The Serpent and the Rainbow by Wes Craven ...