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WOWvx is a type of monitor screen and software tools manufactured by Philips and other companies that offers 3D images without glasses for several viewers at a time. A range of professional 3D displays for the advertising, entertainment and 3D visualization are available. WOWvx uses the 3D format called 2D-plus-depth that has a greyscale depth map next to each 2D frame.

For 3D content designers, professional 3D software is available, including “ViewPoint 3D”, a complete 3D design and management package that allows fast live-data 3D content to be produced that directly outputs to the WOWvx format, and also a plug-in for 3ds Max that creates canned content.

This 1920x1080 screen capture is a working WOWvx image that will activate 3D mode on monitors. It was produced using the ViewPoint-3D software, which directly converts its output to WOWvx at high frame rates.
This image is a 1920x1080 WOWvx frame grab from ViewPoint-3D. It can be used to test WOWvx monitors, and shows good depth perspective. ViewPoint-3D makes creating WOWvx content for Dimenco and other 2D+Depth displays a very simple process.

Philips allowed a new off-shoot company, Dimenco n.v.[1], to manage sales of 3D glasses-free displays (such as the model 42-3D6W02) in March 2009. The company has now expanded the range of models up to Ultra high resolution large screen models.

Philips plans to introduce glasses-free 3DTV for consumers and in this regard presented a new Ultra high definition 60" TV at the CES 2013 show "Review". This model is claimed to be a final prototype, and the official release date is pending release.

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