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Coordinates: 52°25′40″N 6°4′19″E / 52.42778°N 6.07194°E / 52.42778; 6.07194
Country Netherlands
Province Gelderland
Municipality Heerde
Population (2004) 6,080

Wapenveld is a town in Gelderland, The Netherlands, part of the Heerde municipality. It is situated about 10 km from Zwolle.

Winter in Wapenveld
The village (about 6000 inhabitants), is beautifully situated, where the valley of the river IJssel meets the woods of the Veluwe.

The Apeldoornse kanaal, which once was used by ships to shortcut the IJssel, runs right through it.

The people of Wapenveld earn their living from agriculture (cattle) and industry (AKZO Nobel; and till 2008 Berghuizer paper factory).

A notable person born in Wapenveld is the speedskater Gerard van Velde.

View to a street: de Kerkstraat
Sculpture: de Papiermaker van Berghuizer Papierfabriek

Coordinates: 52°26′N 6°04′E / 52.433°N 6.067°E / 52.433; 6.067