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The Wayans family /ˈw.ənz/[1] is an American family with many successful directors, screenwriters, comedians and actors. Their parents are Howell and Elvira Wayans. There are ten siblings in the first generation, and a few in the second generation working in the entertainment business currently.

  • Dwayne Kim Wayans (born 1956), American writer and composer
  • Keenen Ivory Wayans (born 1958), American actor, comedian, director and writer. He has five children.
    • Jolie Ivory Imani Wayans (born 1992)
    • Nala Wayans (born 1996)
    • Keenen Ivory Wayans, Jr. (born 1998)
    • Bella Wayans (born 2001)
    • Daphne Ivory Wayans (born 2003)
  • Damon Wayans, Sr. (born 1960), American actor, comedian and producer. He has two sons and two daughters.
  • Kim Wayans (born 1961), American actress
  • Shawn Wayans (born 1971), American actor and writer has three children
    • Laila Wayans (born 1999)
    • Illia Wayans (born 2003)
    • Marlon Wayans (born 2005)
  • Marlon Wayans (born 1972), American actor and writer. He has two children.
    • Shawn Howell Wayans (born 2001)
    • Amai Zackary Wayans
  • Nadia Wayans, American actress
  • Elvira Wayans, American screenwriter
    • Damien Wayans (born 1980), American actor, screenwriter, television producer, and director
    • Chaunté Wayans (born 1982), American actress, comedienne and editor
  • Diedre Wayans, American screenwriter and producer
    • Craig Wayans, American screenwriter, television producer, director, and actor
    • Summer Wayans, American model, actress
    • Gregg Wayans, American actor, comedian
    • Justin Wayans-Benson
    • Jamel Wayans-Benson
    • Brandee Wayans-Benson
  • Vonnie Wayans, American screenwriter