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This is an overview of Belgium project pages. It is not a list of articles related to Belgium but instead provides an overview of the main portal, projects, "internal" Wikipedia pages and discussion boards about Belgium in general, to help you find your way around Wikipedia.

General pages[edit]


If you are interested in reading about Belgium, the best place to start is the Portal:Belgium. This lists:

  • a selected monthly article and picture
  • monthly anniversaries
  • Germany news
  • categories
  • did you know...?
  • new articles (selection)
  • things you can do
  • a discussion page Portal talk:Belgium to discuss what will go on the portal page

Wikipedia:Belgian Wikipedians' notice board[edit]

If you would like to write Wikipedia articles about Belgium, the best place to start is the Belgian Wikipedians' notice board. This lists:

  • requested articles
  • requests for expansion
  • content disputes
  • article improvement drives
  • featured article candidates
  • peer review requests
  • image requests
  • translation requests (see also below)
  • requests for article attention
  • related stubs
  • requested WikiProjects
  • a discussion page Wikipedia talk:Belgian Wikipedians' notice board for discussing topics and articles of interest in English

Wikipedia:Dutch-English translation requests and Wikipedia:French-English translation requests[edit]

If you would like to request a translation, or find articles to translate yourself, Wikipedia:French-English translation requests and Wikipedia:Dutch-English translation requests are the places to start. This lists:

  • instructions on how to request translations from the Dutch and French language wikipedias
  • instructions on how to translate articles from the Dutch and French language wikipedias
  • requested translations, sorted by topic
  • requests for proofreading of articles which have been translated
  • discussion pages Wikipedia talk:Dutch-English translation requests and Wikipedia talk:French-English translation requests for discussing general translation issues: how best to translate words which come up often, whether articles really need translation, etc.

Wikipedia:Translators available[edit]

WikiProjects and portals[edit]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Belgium[edit]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Belgium is intended to be a project to better organize information in articles related to Belgium.