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The subject-area contacts of the Arab world WikiProject are experienced editors that have been selected to serve as easily available points of contact for members with questions regarding particular topics within the scope of the project. The system is intended as a counterpart to the more group-oriented task force approach; while some issues benefit from a wide discussion, others may be more suited to a more personal question-and-answer approach.

All project members are encouraged to approach the listed contacts with questions and requests for assistance in peer-reviewing articles within their area of interest.

Becoming a contact[edit]

If you wish to be listed as a contact for a certain topic area, please apply on the discussion page for this page. In general, to be listed as a contact, an editor should:

  1. Have a good record of editorial contributions in the chosen topic area.
  2. Be willing to courteously answer questions and requests—in particular, requests to participate in peer reviews—regarding the topic.
  This user is a contact for the
Arab world WikiProject.

Once your application is approved, you will be listed as a contact (and, for those who desire such things, receive a neat userbox, transcludable as {{WPARAB Contact}}).

Current contacts[edit]

[[Your username]]
  1. [[Your topic of choice]]