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The media department of the Arab world WikiProject aims to motivate increased quality in Arab world articles by offering new and good quality images, maps as well as links to media articles and topical books.

Arab world Media Gallery[edit]

As in many projects, the Arab World WikiProject Gallery of images, maps and all types of media (including important newspapers articles and books references and bibliographies related to this project.

Please try to store all your contributions there as it is mainly dedicated to storing media-related material. Keep this page and its related talk page for general discussion about media contributions.


Please address requests for the creation of new maps or the evaluation of existing ones to the Maps WikiProject.

Please note that User:Arab League is the main Arab World WikiProject contributor in terms of maps. If you need any help or just want to coordinate with User:Arab League, please use this department's talk page or contact them directly.


Please address requests for particular images directly to the Graphic Lab or the Illustration WikiProject. To ensure that requests can be considered, it is helpful to provide material such as external images, images from Wikimedia Commons, or clear text descriptions.

Image guidelines[edit]

Images and photographs, like written works, are subject to copyright. Someone holds the copyright unless they have been explicitly placed in the public domain. Images on the internet need to be licensed directly from the copyright holder or someone able to license on their behalf. In some cases, fair use guidelines may allow a photograph to be used.

Image description pages must be tagged with a special tag to indicate the legal status of the images, as described at Wikipedia:Image copyright tags. Untagged or incorrectly-tagged images will be deleted. It is currently unclear what should happen in cases where the same image has been uploaded more than once with different respective copyright statements.

Wikimedia Commons[edit]

The category structure used by Wikimedia Commons parallels the one used here to a certain extent, starting from the same top-level categories:

Note, however, that much of the Commons categorization scheme is in an embryonic stage; and that the need for category names to be comprehensible to non-English-speaking users has resulted in some naming conventions that may diverge quite widely from the ones with which Wikipedia editors are familiar.

Online images[edit]

If an image is available online, but cannot be uploaded to Wikipedia, it may be appropriate to use {{External media}} to provide a direct link to the image and a (referenced) description of what the image depicts.

Your own images[edit]

The project highly encourages the upload of self-made images and pictures related to articles within the scope of the Arab WikiProject.

Note that you need to provide a rationale for your images otherwise they may be deleted. Please don't forget to use the following template when uploading your own pictures:


{{Information | Description = A short clear description | Source = Own work | Date = date of the upload | Author = Fill in your username | Permission = GFDL-self }}

...which will produce...


A nice picture from the Arab world


Own work


24 August, 2007


User:Arab world WikiProject

(Reusing this file)



Use {{GFDL-self}} template which will produce...


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