Wild Sketch Show

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Wild Sketch Show
Video by Sketch Show
Released September 25, 2003 (2003-09-25)
Recorded 3, 8, 9 December 2002 at Shibuya-AX, Shibuya, Tokyo
Genre Electronica, Glitch Pop
Label avex, cutting edge, daisyworld discs
Producer Audio Sponge
Sketch Show chronology
Wild Sketch Show

Wild Sketch Show is a live video album by Sketch Show. It features a mix of Sketch Show songs (nine from Audio Sponge, four from Tronika and one song that has been never released in studio form) and Yellow Magic Orchestra songs performed in the Sketch Show style (one from Paraiso, one from BGM and two from Technodelic). Sketch Show were joined by fellow YMO member Ryuichi Sakamoto (which turned Sketch Show into Human Audio Sponge), as well as two guitarists and two keyboardists. This is the only live show released under Sketch Show's name (later releases featured the same members and style, but were released under YMO).

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Reform"     Haruomi Hosono, Yukihiro Takahashi  
2. "Ekot"   Hosono, Takahashi Hosono, Takahashi  
3. "Do You Want to Marry Me"   Corinne Tulipe Michel Magne  
4. "Supreme Secret"   Hosono, Takahashi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Takahashi  
5. "Night Talker"   Takahashi Hosono, Takahashi  
6. "Ohotzka"     Hosono, Takahashi  
7. "Wilson"   Takahashi Hosono, Takahashi  
8. "Gradated Grey (灰色の段階 Gurei no Dankai?)"   Hosono, Peter Barakan Hosono  
9. "Wonderful to Me"   Hosono, Takahashi Hosono, Takahashi  
10. "Chronograph"   Hosono, Takahashi Hosono, Takahashi  
11. "Turn Turn"   Hosono, Takahashi Hosono, Takahashi  
12. "Microtalk"     Hosono, Takahashi  
13. "Flying George"   Takahashi Hosono, Takahashi  
14. "Return"   Hosono, Takahashi Hosono, Takahashi  
15. "Zoetrope"   Hosono, Takahashi Hosono, Takahashi  
16. "Pure Jam (ジャム Jamu?)"   Takahashi, Barakan Takahashi  
17. "Cue"   Hosono, Takahashi, Barakan Hosono, Takahashi  
18. "Paraiso (はらいそ Haraiso?)"   Hosono Hosono  


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