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Wildstrubel from Simmental - 2.jpg
The north-west side from the Simmental
Elevation 3,244 m (10,643 ft)
Prominence 815 m (2,674 ft)[1]
Isolation 9.2 km (5.7 mi)[2]
Parent peak Wildhorn
Listing Alpine mountains above 3000 m
Wildstrubel is located in Switzerland
Location of in Switzerland
Location Bern/Valais, Switzerland
Range Bernese Alps
Coordinates 46°24′1″N 7°31′43″E / 46.40028°N 7.52861°E / 46.40028; 7.52861Coordinates: 46°24′1″N 7°31′43″E / 46.40028°N 7.52861°E / 46.40028; 7.52861
First ascent Probably: Summer 1855 by Jakob Tritten and Dr. M. Schmid
"Lenkerstrubel" 16 August 1856 by Edmund von Fellenberg and Jakob Tritten
"Mittelgipfel" 8 September 1857 by Thomas W. Hinchcliff, Brandshaw Smith, and Zacharie Cachat [3][4][5]
Easiest route glacier tour, rock (II)

The Wildstrubel is a mountain of the Bernese Alps, located on the border between the Swiss cantons of Bern and Valais, east of the Plaine Morte.

The mountain has three summits, all of similar height and located on the cantonal border, although within the Rhine basin:

  • The western summit (the Lenkerstrubel, named Wildstrubel on Swiss maps) (3,243.5 m)
  • The central summit (named Mittelgipfel on Swiss maps) (3,243.5 m)
  • The eastern summit (the Adelbodnerstrubel or Grossstrubel) (3,242.6 m)
The Grossstrubel (left) and the Mittelgipfel (right) from Engstligenalp

These three summits, strung out along a 3.5-km ridge, make a convenient traverse. The western summit can be reached by a trail from Lenk. The three summits and the Schneehorn on the south-east form an amphitheatre oriented east, containing a large glacier named Wildstrubelgletscher.

The third or fourth recorded ascent was by Leslie Stephen and Thomas W. Hinchliff with guide Melchior Anderegg on 11 September 1858.


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