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This article is about the mountain. For the village, see Les Diablerets.
The north side of the Diablerets, from left to right: Oldenhorn, Scex Rouge and the long ridge to the summit
Elevation 3,210 m (10,530 ft)
Isolation 14.3 km (8.9 mi)[1]
Prominence 968 m (3,176 ft)[2]
Parent peak Finsteraarhorn
Listing Canton high point
Diablerets is located in Switzerland
Location in Switzerland
Location Vaud-Valais, Switzerland
Range Bernese Alps
Coordinates 46°18′14″N 7°11′21″E / 46.30389°N 7.18917°E / 46.30389; 7.18917Coordinates: 46°18′14″N 7°11′21″E / 46.30389°N 7.18917°E / 46.30389; 7.18917

The Diablerets (French: Les Diablerets) is a mountain in the Bernese Alps, located between the cantons of Valais and Vaud, in the western French-speaking part of Switzerland. The summit (indicated as Sommet des Diablerets) is 3,210 metres (10,530 ft) high, making it the highest mountain in the canton of Vaud. The mountain is located near the homonymous village and ski resort of Les Diablerets. On the south and Valais side it overlooks the hamlet and valley of Derborence. The south face overlooks the Pas de Cheville. Politically, the summit of the Diablerets is split between the municipalities of Conthey (Valais), Ormont-Dessus and Bex (Vaud).

The summit from the south side

The small Glacier des Diablerets is located near the summit on the Valais side. The much larger Glacier de Tsanfleuron (often called Glacier des Diablerets) descends from a prominence east of the summit called Le Dôme toward the Sanetsch Pass. Several ski lifts are located on it. The Tsanfleuron Glacier can be accessed easily via the Scex Rouge by an aerial tramway from the Col du Pillon, operated by Glacier 3000.

The massif of the Diablerets consists of several secondary peaks:


The resort is located in a valley and has a ski school, hotels and a small town centre. Tourists staying in Les Diablerets have the option to ski on the northeastern valley of Isenau or the southwestern valley of Meilleret. From Meilleret they can ski down the 13-kilometre (8 mi) run to the village.

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