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The William Atheling Jr. Award for Criticism or Review are a Special Category under the Ditmar Awards. "The Athelings", as they are known for short, are awarded for excellence in science fiction and speculative criticism, and were named for the pseudonym used by James Blish for his critical writing.

William Atheling Jr. Award nominees and winners[edit]

Winners are in bold.


  • Algis Budrys - Foundation & Asimov
  • James Gunn - Alternative Worlds
  • David Ketterer - New Worlds For Old
  • George Turner - Paradigm and Pattern; Form and Meaning in "The Dispossessed"
  • George Turner - Philip Dick by 1975


  • Susan Wood - Women and Science Fiction, Algol, 33, 1978
  • John Bangsund - Parergon Papers 10, ANZAPA, Oct 1978
  • John McPharlin - On The Ebb Tide of the New Wave, Auto Delerium, March 1978
  • Lloyd Biggle Jr - The Morasses of Academe Revisited, Analog, Sept 1978
(...must be filled in—see listed reference)


  • Katharine and Darren Maxwell, for X-files episode reviews in Frontier #59
  • Sean McMullen and Steven Paulsen, Australian Contemporary Fantasy, Encyclopedia of Fantasy #173, Orbit


There were some changes in the Ditmar Award rules in 2000; the first attempted halted; after a second nomination process the 2000 Ditmars and the Athelings were awarded in 2001.

Original ballot[edit]

  • Van Ikin, Russell Blackford & Sean McMullen - Strange Constellations: A History of Australian Science Fiction, Greenwood.
  • Judith Buckrich - George Turner: A Life 1916-1997, M.U.P.
  • Robert Hood - Articles in i.am ezine.
  • Janeen Webb & Andrew Enstice, - The Fantastic Self, Eidolon Press.
  • Jonathan Strahan & Steven Paulsen - The Coode Street Review of Science Fiction

Final ballot, and winners (tie)[edit]

  • Robert Hood - Writings in i.am website
  • Tess Williams and Helen Merrick - Women Of Other Worlds
  • Jonathan Strahan - Reviews in Locus
  • Russell Blackford, Van Ikin and Sean McMullen - Strange Constellations: A History Of Australian Science Fiction
  • Jonathan Strahan and Steven Paulsen - The Coode St Review of Science Fiction


  • Miranda Siemienowicz - Review of Paraspheres appearing in Horrorscope
  • Justine Larbalestier - Daughters of Earth: Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century
  • Robert Hood - Man and Super-Monster: A History of Daikaiju Eiga and its Metaphorical Undercurrents. Borderlands #7
  • Grant Watson - Bad Film Diaries - Sink or Swim: The Truth Behind Waterworld. Borderlands #8
  • Kathryn Linge - Review Through Soft Air, ASif

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