Winchester Liberator

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Winchester Liberator
Hillberg patent 3260009.png
Clip of Hillberg's patent for the 4 barrelled Liberator shotgun design.
Type Shotgun
Production history
Designer Robert Hillberg
Cartridge 16ga
Barrels 4
Action Double action, striker fired
Sights Iron

The Winchester Liberator is a 16-gauge, four-barrelled shotgun, similar to a scaled up four-shot double action derringer. It was an implementation of the Hillberg Insurgency Weapon design. Robert Hillberg, the designer, envisioned a weapon that was cheap to manufacture, easy to use, and provided a significant chance of being effective in the hands of someone who had never handled a firearm before. Pistols and submachine guns were eliminated from consideration due to the training required to use them effectively. The shotgun was chosen because it provided a very high volume of fire with a high hit probability. Both Winchester and Colt built prototypes, although the Colt eight-shot design came late in the Vietnam War and was adapted for the civilian law enforcement market. No known samples were ever produced for military use.[1]


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